Baby, It's Cold Outside

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

❄️❄️It May Be Getting Cold Outside,

but These Deals are HOT 🔥🔥


It's our second week of deals and this time they are hotter than ever! But this week it's not just about deals we're going to drop some knowledge on one of the more confusing quirks of retic genetics. Albino what? Standard recessive genes can be tricky, but it gets just darn complicated when we start talking about types of albinos in Reticulated Pythons. 


We've always had the Clark Strain albinos (White, Lavender, & Purple) but these days there are so many additional options Mochino, Orange Glow, Amel, Blonde, the list goes on.  Already perplexed? Don't worry we've got your cheat sheet. 


We'll start with your classics the Clark Strain Albino.


White x White = White 

White x Lavender= White & Lavender 

White x Purple = Lavender 

Lavender x Lavender = White, Lavender & Purple 

Lavender x Purple = Lavender & Purple 

Purple x Purple = Purple


After introduction of the Mochino and Orange Glow projects we found them to be compatible T+ versions of the classic T- Clark Strain which allows for the following breeding possibilities.


Clark Strain (White, Lavender, Purple) x Mochino = Mochino & Clark Strain

Clark Strain (White, Lavender, Purple) x Orange Glow = Orange Glow & Clark Strain


Then we have Blonde which although it looks somewhat similar to the Clark Strain compatible T+ we discussed earlier, is not compatible with any of the above Albinos. Instead it is a completely different line, but never fear it works similar to the Clark Strain when it comes to genetics. It may be helpful to think of Blonde as Purple, Rhapsody as Lavender, and Amel as White.


Amel x Amel = Amel

Amel x Blonde = Rhapsody

Amel x Rhapsody = Amel & Rhapsody

Rhapsody x Rhapsody = Amel, Rhapsody, Blonde

Rhapsody x Blonde = Rhapsody & Blonde

Blonde x Blonde = Blonde


Ok we just dipped our toe into genetics there, but how'd we do? Are you more or less confused? Hopefully it was helpful! Let us know what questions we can answer next!


Now that you're in the know it's ALBINO Deal Time!!



Use code "shipping"


Deal #1 FREE Shipping

Unless you live with us in the sunshine state of California it's likely getting cold where you're at which means the window for safely shipping reptiles is quickly closing. To make sure you don't miss your 2019 opportunity to snag a beautiful animal we're offering completely free Fedex Next Day shipping on all orders that use coupon code "SHIPPING" at check out!




Deal #2 Male Platinum Purple Albino Tiger $450

We're offering this beauty with Platinum and Tiger thrown in completely for free on top of the beautiful Lavender Albino coloration and this time you can double up on the deals so that's an $500 even with shipping included for a savings of over $250 To claim this deal you'll need to text us at 714-900-1603 with your full name & email address so we can make you up a custom invoice with your double DISCOUNT! 




Deal #3 Female Mochino Sunfire $800

Ok now that you've learned how powerful Mochino can be when combined with the Clark Strain albino it's time to add one to your collection! This yearling girl is the perfect start and with $265 OFF we have a feeling these might go quick so be the first to shoot us a text at 714-900-1603 to claim your deal!




Deal #3 Male Tiger Het Blonde $225

Want to work on a project that still has a TON of combos yet to be seen? Blonde is a great place to start. It may not be compatible with the Clark Strain, but it's uniqueness is what makes it a great project to get in on the ground floor. What does a Motley Goldenchild Sunfire Tiger Blonde look like? Even we don't know!! Beat us to it and text at 714-900-1603 to claim your deal!



Text 714-900-1603


Instagram DM


Facebook Messenger


*Pro Tip -- If you're looking to "Buy A Reptile" (see what we did there 🙃) you don't see in the Deal of the Week or even on our website please reach out to us and we'd love to match you with something great. We try to make it super easy to contact us through a million, ok not really a million but a lot, of different platforms. Just choose your favorite and say hello we promise not to bite.



That's it for this week, check back next for a whole new group of deals, but don't let these ones pass you by!

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